Thank you, Pastor Biebert!

This post is long overdue. Our beloved Pastor Biebert received a call to serve a new congregation at Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church in Winner, South Dakota. He served with us through the Lent season until the Sunday after Easter. We had a wonderful five years with Pastor and Katie, and we will miss them very much. Our members learned so much about the law and gospel, about Martin Luther, church history, music, and more.

We are so grateful for the guidance you offered and for how you helped us grow in so many ways. As a congregation we have grown closer together, matured, and bonded. We did lose a few members that the Lord called home and others that moved away, but we also added new members. Some were already WELS, but several you led through Catechism and Adult Bible Information Class. You led us through the tumultuous time of COVID and learning to livestream!

Katie was just as important to the congregation as well. She was patient, humble, and kind. Katie readily stepped in to teach our Mother’s Day Out program when Mary moved, as well as teaching several of our VBS classes. She offered piano lessons to several of our members, and it has been a joy to watch them learn and grow. Katie has been a good friend and teacher. We will miss you both!

Mrs. Morton made this lap quilt, and the congregation signed the back of it, to give as a gift to the Bieberts.

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