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Our pastor inspires us every week with his sermons, reminding us of the lessons in the Law and the love of the Gospel. Click on the titles of the sermons to read the PDF version of each one.

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5/15/2022Rev. Em. Jeff SmithEaster 5John 13: 31-35Now the Son of Man is GlorifiedWatch!
5/8/2022Rev. Em. Jeff SmithEaster 4Psalm 23The Lord is My ShepherdWatch!
5/1/2022Rev. Em. Jeff SmithEaster 3John 21: 1-14Hear the Song of HeavenWatch!
4/24/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 2/ Farewell to PastorRevelation 1: 4-18A Vision of the Exalted ChristWatch!
4/17/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster Festival/ Resurrection of Our LordLuke 24: 1-12Visit the Monument of JesusWatch!
4/17/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster DawnColossians 3: 1-4Put Your Mind Where Your Life IsWatch!
4/15/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertGood FridayLuke 23: 26-34a,
Luke 23:38–43,
John 19: 23-27,
Matthew 27: 45-49,
John 19: 28-29,
John 19: 30a,
Luke 23: 33-46
Seven Final WordsWatch!
4/14/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertHoly ThursdayLuke 22: 19-20The Three Unions in Holy CommunionWatch!
4/10/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertLent 6/ Palm SundayLuke 19: 28-40Blessed is the King Who ComesWatch!
4/6/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 6Luke 23: 13-16A Part for the Whole?Watch!
4/3/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertLent 5Isaiah 43: 16-21See God's New ThingWatch!
3/30/2022Rev. Nathan BeibertMidweek Lent 5Matthew 27: 3-4When You are Seized with RemorseWatch!
3/27/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertLent 4Luke 15: 1-3, 11-32Jesus Welcomes Sinners -- Complaint or Compliment?Watch!
3/23/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 4Luke 22: 66The Crucial Hours: The Semblance of LegalityWatch!
3/20/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertLent 3Luke 13: 1-9Why Are You Still Here?Watch!
3/16/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 3John 18: 12The Crucial Hours: They Bound HimWatch!
3/13/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertLent 2Luke 13: 31-35The Tough Face on a Breaking HeartWatch!
3/9/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 2Luke 22: 31-32The Crucial Hours: Satan Has Asked to Sift All of YouWatch!
3/6/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertLent 11 Samuel 17: 4-11, 32-40, 45-49Taking the Field Against God's EnemiesWatch!
3/2/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertAsh Wednesday2 Samuel 12: 1-13How Could David? -- How Could God?
2/27/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertTransfiguration of Our LordLuke 9: 28-36A Vision for the ValleyWatch!
2/20/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 7Luke 6: 27-38Loving EnemiesWatch!
2/13/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 62 Corinthians 12: 7-10God's Power Made Perfect in WeaknessWatch!
2/6/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 5Romans 10: 10-17The Necessary Chain Links of SalvationWatch!
1/30/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 4Luke 4: 38-44Jesus the HealerWatch!
1/23/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 3Luke 4: 16-30Disastrous Debut or Predictable Pattern?
1/16/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 2John 2: 1-11The Beginning of Jesus's SignsWatch!
1/9/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 1/ Baptism of Our LordTitus 3: 4-7Baptism is God's Epiphany in Your LifeWatch!
1/6/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany1 Kings 10: 1-9Look at What God Has Given Us!Watch!
1/2/2022Rev. Nathan BiebertChristmas 2Luke 1: 68-79Bless God with ZechariahWatch!
12/26/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertChristmas 1/ Feast of St. StephenActs 6:8 - 7:2a, 51-60Remembering God's Servant StephenWatch!
12/25/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertChristmas Day/ Nativity of Our LordIsaiah 9:6Time to Name Our Son -- God the ChampionWatch!
12/24/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertChristmas EveLuke 2: 8-20The First Christmas SermonWatch!
12/19/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 4Luke 1: 39-47God's Word Prepares Us for ChristmasWatch!
12/15/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 3Zephaniah 3: 14-17Preparing with Prophecies - From ZephaniahWatch!
12/12/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 3Luke 3: 7-18The Fruits of RepentanceWatch!
12/8/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 2Malachi 3: 1-7bPreparing with Prophecies - From MalachiWatch!
12/5/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 2Luke 3: 1-6John Preaches Repentance to UsWatch!
12/1/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 1Jeremiah 33: 14-16Preparing with Prophecies -- From JeremiahWatch!
11/28/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 1Luke 19: 28-40Receiving JesusWatch!
11/23/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertThanksgiving EveDeuteronomy 8: 10-18Do Not Forget the LordWatch!
11/21/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertEnd Time 4John 18:33–37The King Who Rules with TruthWatch!
11/14/2021Rev. Rob SiirilaEnd Time 3/ Saints TriumphantMark 13: 24-37Watch and WaitWatch!
11/7/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertEnd Time 2John 5: 19-30The Son's Two RaisingsWatch!
10/31/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertReformation DayDaniel 3:16–28Christian BoldnessWatch!
10/24/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 22Mark 10:35–45Godly AmbitionWatch!
10/17/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 212 Kings 5:14–27Right and Wrong Attitudes Toward Material PossessionsWatch!
10/10/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 20Genesis 2:18–24The Prototype MarriageWatch!
10/3/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 19Numbers 11:16, 23–29For Whom Are We Most Jealous?Watch!
9/26/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 181 Peter 1: 1-5I'm But a Temporary Resident HereWatch!
9/19/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 17Mark 8: 27-35The Person and Work of ChristWatch!
9/12/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 16Mark 7: 31-37Be opened!Watch!
9/5/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 15Mark 7: 1-8, 14-15, 21-23What Makes a Good PersonWatch!
8/29/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 14John 6: 60-69Nowhere Else to GoWatch!
8/22/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 13John 6:51–58The Offense of the GospelWatch!
8/15/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 12/ Festival of St. Mary, Mother of Our LordLuke 1: 46-55Go Ahead, Call Mary 'the Blessed Virgin'Watch!
8/8/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 11John 6: 24-35Obtaining Food that EnduresWatch!
8/1/2021Rev. Abe DegnerPentecost 10/ Mission FestivalMatthew 9: 35-38Help With the Harvest!Watch!
7/25/2021Rev. Dan LaitinenPentecost 92 Timothy 2: 14-26Here I Stand - Unashamed of the TruthWatch!
7/18/2021Rev. Em. Jeff SmithPentecost 8Romans 1: 16, 1 John 4: 7Be Thankful When You Have Such a MinisterWatch!
7/11/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 72 Timothy 3: 14-17The Blessing of the Holy ScripturesWatch!
7/4/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 6Lamentations 3: 22-33Hope in HeartacheWatch!
6/13/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 3Revelation 20: 1-6The Christian's Victorious Reality
4/25/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 4 / Good Shepherd1 Peter 5: 1-4One Elder to AnotherWatch!
4/18/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 3Acts 4: 8-12Easter Gives Boldness of TestimonyWatch!
4/4/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster DawnJohn 20: 11-18"Why Are You Crying?"Watch!
4/4/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertResurrection of Our Lord (Easter)Isaiah 25:6–9Resurrection MountainWatch!
4/2/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertGood FridayLuke 23: 32-34The Hands of the Passions: Hands of Nail-WoundsWatch!
4/1/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertMaundy ThursdayJohn 13: 1-5, 12-17The Hands of the Passion: Hands of HumilityWatch!
3/28/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertPalm SundayZechariah 9: 9, 10Rejoice Greatly, Christians!Watch!
3/24/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 5Matthew 27:15-26The Hands of the Passion: Hands of Self- PreservationWatch!
3/21/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 5John 12: 20-33Crunch Time for JesusWatch!
3/17/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 4Matthew 27: 27-31The Hands of the Passion: Hands of BrutalityWatch!
3/14/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 4Ephesians 2: 4-10Saved Only by Grace in ChristWatch!
3/10/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 3Mark 14: 55-65The Hands of the Passion: Hands of HypocricyWatch!
3/7/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 31 Corinthians 1: 22-25What to Expect from Your ChurchWatch!
3/3/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 2John 18: 4-11The Hands of the Passion: Hands of Misguided ZealWatch!
2/28/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 2Genesis 32: 22-32Wrestling with God the SonWatch!
2/24/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 1John 13: 21-30The Hands of the Passion: Hands of BetrayalWatch!
2/21/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 1Mark 1:12-15The Time is FulfilledWatch!
2/17/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertAsh WednesdayLuke 18:9-14The Hands of the Passion: Hands of RepentanceListen!
2/14/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertTransfigurationMark 9: 2Bridging the Biblical MountaintopsWatch!
2/7/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 5Job 7: 1-7Dealing With DepressionListen!Watch!
1/31/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 4Deuteronomy 18: 15-20Jesus, the Greatest ProphetListen!Watch!
1/24/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 3Jonah 3: 1-5, 10A Tale of Two PenitentsListen!Watch!
1/17/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 21 Samuel 3: 1-10"Speak, for your servant is listening"Listen!Watch!
1/10/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 1/ Baptism of Our LordActs 16: 25-34What Must I do to be Saved?Listen!Watch!
1/6/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany of Our LordMatthew 2: 1-12Rays of Divine Wisdom Radiating from the Story of the Wise MenWatch!
1/3/2021Rev. Nathan BiebertChristmas 2John 7:40-43Scriptural Attention to Jesus Prevents Human Dissension about JesusWatch!
12/27/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertChristmas 1Colossians 3: 12-17Writing a Proper Thank-You Note to GodListen!Watch!
12/25/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertFestival of the Nativity of Our Lord/Christmas MorningIsaiah 9: 6Time to Name Our Son--CounselorListen!Watch!
12/24/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertChristmas EveLuke 2: 1-7What God's Perfect Timing Looks LikeWatch!
12/20/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 4Romans 16: 25-27God Gets the Glory for Advent ReadinessListen!Watch!
12/16/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 3Haggai 2: 6,7O King of the NationsWatch!
12/13/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 31 Thessalonians 5: 16-24The Advent LifestyleListen!Watch!
12/9/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 2Isaiah 9:2; Malachi 4:2O Rising SunListen!Watch!
12/6/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 22 Peter 3: 8-14What Kind of Waiting People Ought We to Be?Listen!Watch!
12/2/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 1Isaiah 22:20-24O Key of DavidWatch!
11/29/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 1Isaiah 40:31Wait on the LORDWatch!
11/25/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertThanksgiving EvePsalm 106: 1O Give Thanks unto the LORDListen!Watch!
11/22/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertEnd Time 4Matthew 27: 27-31Hail, King of the Jews!Listen!Watch!
11/15/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertEnd Time 3/ Saints TriumphantMatthew 25: 1-13Keep on Watching for Jesus's ReturnListen!Watch!
11/8/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertEnd Time 2/ Last JudgmentMatthew 25: 31-46Indicators of the King's VerdictListen!Watch!
11/1/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertReformation/ All Saints' DayEphesians 1: 1-8; 3: 14-19What is a Saint?Listen!Watch!
10/25/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 21Matthew 22: 1-14Jesus's Wedding BanquetWatch!
10/18/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 20Isaiah 5: 1-7The Saddest Song in Scripture?Listen!Watch!
10/12/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 19Ezekiel 18: 1-4, 25-32The Fairness of God
10/4/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 18Matthew 20: 1-16Last Will Be First and First Will Be LastWatch!
9/27/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 17Genesis 50: 15-21The Importance of Forgiveness for Your FamilyWatch!
9/20/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 16Matthew 18: 15-20Tough LoveWatch!
9/13/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 15Matthew 16: 21-26The Pain and Joy of Following JesusWatch!
9/6/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 14Matthew 16: 13-20The Keys of the Kingdom of HeavenListen!Watch!
8/30/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 13Matthew 15: 21-28A Gentile Woman Models Great FaithListen!Watch!
8/23/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 12Matthew 14: 22-33Why Did You Doubt?Watch!
8/16/2020Rev. Nathan BeibertPentecost 11Isaiah 55: 1-5The Best Food Deal EverListen!Watch!
8/9/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 10Matthew 13: 44-52The Treasure of JesusListen!Watch!
8/2/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 9Joel 3: 12-16The Valley of Decision on the Day of the LORDListen!Watch!
7/26/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 8Matthew 13: 1-9, 18-23The Results of Sharing God's WordListen!Watch!
7/19/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 7Matthew 11: 25-30The Yoke of JesusListen!Watch!
7/12/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 6Exodus 32: 15-29Testing Your Loyalty to the LordListen!Watch!
7/5/2020Rev. Em. Jeff SmithPentecost 5Matthew 10:24–33Don't Be Afraid to Hold Up JesusListen!Watch!
6/28/2020Rev. Dan LaitinenPentecost 41 Peter 3: 13-22Preserving Hope in Times of TroubleListen!Watch!
6/21/2020Rev. Dan LaitinenPentecost 3Romans 3:21–28Find Your Whole Life in ChristWatch!
6/14/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 21 Kings 22:10–28What to Say?Listen!Watch!
6/7/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertHoly TrinityMatthew 28: 16-20The Final Word by JesusWatch!
5/31/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertFestival of PentecostJohn 16: 5-11The Comforting Work of the Spirit,
Festival of Pentecost Service Guide
5/24/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertAscension of Our LordColossians 3: 1-4Locating Your LifeWatch!
5/17/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 6John 14: 15-21Not Orphaned,

Easter 6 Service Guide
5/10/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 5John 14: 1-12Jesus’s Work at the Father’s Right Hand,

Easter 5 Service Guide
5/3/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 4John 10: 1-10The Good Shepherd’s Flock,

Easter 4 Service Guide
4/26/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 3Luke 24: 13-35Stay With Us, Jesus,

Easter 3 Service Guide
4/19/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 21 Peter 1: 3-9Regular Resurrection Blessings,

Easter 2 Service Guide
4/12/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster DawnMatthew 28: 1-4Sitting on Top of the Tombstone,

Easter Sunrise Service Guide
4/12/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertResurrection of Our Lord (Easter)John 20: 1-10A(n Un)necessary Trip to the Tomb,

Easter Festival Service Guide
4/10/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertGood FridayMatthew 27: 45-54The Son of God Goes Forth to War - To Fight the Greatest Battle,
Good Friday Service Guide
4/9/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertMaundy ThursdayMatthew 26: 26-29The Son of God Goes Forth to War - With Remarkable Tokens,
Maundy Thursday Service Guide
4/5/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPalm SundayPhilippians 2: 5-11Jesus' Attitude Shapes Our Attitude,
Palm Sunday Service Guide
4/1/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 6Matthew 27: 15-26Freeing CaptivesListen!
3/29/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 5Romans 8: 11-19Life in the Spirit -- Here and HereafterListen!
3/25/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 5Matthew 26: 56bThe Son of God Goes Forth to War - All AloneListen!
3/22/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 4Romans 8: 1-10Fulfilling Our God-Given PotentialListen!
3/18/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 4Matthew 26: 50b-56aThe Son of God Goes Forth to War - Without Earthly WeaponsListen!
3/15/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 3Ephesians 5:8–14Be the Light You AreListen!
3/11/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 3Matthew 26:36–46The Son of God Goes Forth to War—Engaging in Bitter ConflictListen!
3/8/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 2Romans 4:1–5,13–17Father Abraham through Faith in ChristListen!
3/4/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 2Matthew 26:6–13The Son of God Goes Forth to War—Knowing the StakesListen!
3/1/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 1Romans 5:12–19Christ, the Second AdamListen!
2/26/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertAsh WednesdayIsaiah 59:12–20The Son of God Goes Forth to War—As PromisedListen!
2/23/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertTransfigurationMatthew 17:1–9Don’t Be Afraid of Jesus’ GloryListen!
2/16/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 6Matthew 5:21–37Conventional Legal Wisdom OverthrownListen!
2/9/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 5 / Piano Dedication1 Peter 2:9A Fitting Instrument for PriestsListen!
2/2/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertPresentation of Our Lord / ConfirmationLuke 2:25-32Two Indispensable Blessings of Christian InstructionListen!
1/26/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 3Isaiah 9:1–4Victory Like in the Day of MidianListen!
1/19/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 2John 1: 29-41Look! The Lamb of God Who Takes Away the World's Sin!Listen!
1/12/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 1 / Baptism of Our LordMatthew 3:13-17Baptism’s PowerListen!
1/5/2020Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany of Our LordMatthew 2:1–12Witness the Worship of the Wise MenListen!
12/29/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertChristmas 1Matthew 2:13–15,19–23God Protects His Child and His ChildrenListen!
12/25/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertChristmas Day / Nativity of Our LordIsaiah 9:6Time To Name Our Son—WonderfulListen!
12/24/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertChristmas EveJohn 3:16-18The Ultimate Proof of God’s LoveListen!
12/22/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 4Isaiah 7:10-14The Unwanted SignListen!
12/18/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 3Matthew 1:18-23Angelic Announcements of Advent: To JosephListen!
12/15/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 3Job 1:6-22Rejoice in the Hidden GodListen!
12/11/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 2Luke 1:26-38Angelic Announcements of Advent: To MaryListen!
12/08/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 2Daniel 4:19-37A Royal Lesson about PrideListen!
12/04/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 1Luke 1:11-17Angelic Announcements of Advent: To ZechariahListen!
12/01/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 1Genesis 6:9-22; 7:11-23Behold God’s Power to Destroy, and SaveListen!
11/27/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertThanksgiving EvePsalm 145:15,16The Lord Is the Ultimate ProviderListen!
11/24/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEnd Time 4 / Christ the KingLuke 23:35-43Jesus’ Kingship and Kingdom—At Their Lowest?Listen!
11/17/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEnd Time 3 / Saints TriumphantLuke 20:27-38This Age vs. That AgeListen!
11/10/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEnd Time 2 / Last JudgmentLuke 19: 11-27Work While You WaitListen!
11/3/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertJoint Reformation ServicePsalm 46God Our Refuge and StrengthListen!
11/3/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEnd Time 1/ ReformationRomans 3: 19-28Saved!
1. By Grace Alone
2. Through Faith Alone
3. To the Glory of God Alone
10/27/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 20Luke 17: 1-10The Attitude Towards Our ServitudeListen!
10/20/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 19Luke 16: 19-31Don’t Make Too Much of Your MammonListen!
10/13/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 18Luke 16: 1-13Make the Most of Your MammonListen!
10/6/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 17Luke 15: 1-10Jesus Welcomes Sinners - Accusation or Acclamation?Listen!
9/29/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertSt. Michael and All AngelsHebrews 1: 14Jesus Sends Angels to Serve YouListen!
9/22/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 15Luke 14: 1, 7-14Know Your PlaceListen!
9/15/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 14Luke 13: 22-30Enter through the Narrow DoorListen!
9/8/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 13Luke 12: 49-53Peace or Division?Listen!
9/1/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 12Haggai 1: 2-14Give Careful Thought to Your WaysListen!
8/25/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 11Ecclesiastes 1:2, 2:18-26Life Under the Sun vs. Life Above the SunListen!
8/18/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 10Luke 11: 1-13Jesus Teaches Us to PrayListen!
8/11/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 9Luke 10: 38-42“One Thing Is Needful”Listen!
8/4/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 8Luke 10: 25-37The Impossibly Good SamaritanListen!
7/28/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 71 Kings 17: 1-16Behold the Provision in God’s KingdomListen!
7/21/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 6Luke 9: 51-62All or Nothing for JesusListen!
7/14/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 5Genesis 39: 6b-12, 16-23Carrying the Cross Daily
7/7/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 4Luke 7: 36-50Faith in Christ Cherishes Forgiveness
6/30/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 3Luke 7: 11-17“Don’t Cry”Listen!
6/23/2019Rev. Em. Jeff SmithPenetecost 2Luke 7: 1-10The Faith that Jesus Calls GreatListen!
6/16/2019Rev. Em. Jeff SmithPentecost 1/ Holy TrinityNumbers 6: 22-27Go Home Blessed by the Triune GodListen!
6/9/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecostJohn 15: 26-27The Holy Spirit’s Unique ReligionListen!
6/2/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 7/ Ascension SundayRevelation 22: 12-17, 20Because He Lives, We Say, “Come!"Listen!
5/26/2019Rev. Em. John SullivanEaster 6John 14: 22-29Jesus Prepares His Disciples for His DepartureListen!
5/19/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 5Revelation 21: 9-14, 22, 23Because He Lives, We Live - In Perfect BeautyListen!
5/12/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 4Revelation 21: 1-6Because He Lives, We Live - In Lasting JoyListen!
5/5/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 3Revelation 7: 9-17Because He Lives, We Live - Under the Shepherd’s CareListen!
4/28/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 2Revelation 5: 11-14Because He Lives, We Live - In Fitting WorshipListen!
4/21/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster SunriseLuke 24: 1-12Is it nonsense?Listen!
4/21/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertResurrection of Our LordRevelation 1: 12-20Because He Lives, We Live - Without FearListen!
4/19/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertGood FridayJohn 19: 28-30It Is FinishedListen!
4/18/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertMaundy ThursdayMatthew 26: 26-28Take and Eat; Take and DrinkListen!
4/14/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 6/ Palm SundayHebrews 12: 1-3Run with PerseveranceListen!
4/10/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 6John 19: 14-18“Take Him Away!”Listen!
4/7/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 5Luke 20: 9-19Some Kind of LoveListen!
4/3/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 5John 18: 33-40"What Is Truth?"Listen!
3/31/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 4Luke 15: 1-3, 11b-32Sons and Daughters of God, Be GladListen!
3/27/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 4John 18:3-9I Am HeListen!
3/24/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 3Luke 13:1-9Repent or Perish; Repent and LiveListen!
3/20/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 3Matthew 26: 35-41Watch and PrayListen!
3/17/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 2Philippians 3:17-4:1Standing Firm in the LordListen!
3/13/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 2John 13: 31-35Love One AnotherListen!
3/10/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 1Luke 4: 1-13For Us Fights the Valiant OneListen!
3/6/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertAsh WednesdayMatthew 26: 20-25Is It I?Listen!
3/3/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertTransfiguration2 Corinthians 3:12-4:2Fading Glory vs. Non-Fading GloryListen!
2/24/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 7Luke 6: 27-36Know Great Love - Show Great Love
2/17/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 6Luke 6: 17-26Jesus' Backwards BlessingsListen!
2/10/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 5Luke 5: 1-11Jesus' Way of FishingListen!
2/3/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 4Luke 4: 20-32Receiving Jesus' PreachingListen!
1/27/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 3Luke 4:14-21Jesus Preaches Gracious WordsListen!
1/20/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 2John 2:1-11Jesus Reveals His GloryListen!
1/13/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 1Titus 3:4-7The Blessings of BaptismListen!
1/6/2019Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany of Our LordIsaiah 60:1-6Rise and ShineListen!
12/30/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertChristmas 1Hebrews 2:10-18Like Us, to Atone for Us
12/25/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertChristmas Day - Nativity of Our LordIsaiah 9:6The Christ Child’s Way of Doing Government
12/24/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertChristmas EveLuke 2:15-20How Jesus Shines His Light
12/23/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 4Luke 1:39-55Magnify the Lord with Mary
12/19/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 3Isaiah 11:1,10Ancient O Antiphon - O Root of Jesse
12/16/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 3Nehemiah 8:9-18Repentance Leads to Joy
12/12/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 2Isaiah 33: 22Ancient O Antiphon - O Lord
12/09/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 2Luke 3: 1-6Make Way for the Lord!
12/05/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 1Proverbs 8: 22-31Ancient O Antiphon - O Wisdom
12/2/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 1Luke 21: 25-36Study the Signs of the Season
11/25/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertEnd Time 4Daniel 7: 13,14Worship the King
11/21/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertThanksgiving EveMatthew 6: 9a, 11The Fourth Petition Revisited
11/18/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertEnd Time 3Daniel 12: 1-3From Misery to Majesty
11/11/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertEnd Time 2Malachi 4:1-3Surely the Day Is Coming
11/4/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertEnd Time 1Jeremiah 18: 1-11The Lord's Re-formation
10/28/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 23Mark 10: 46-52"Lord, Have Mercy"
10/21/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 22Isaiah 53: 10-12The Satisfaction of the Servant
10/14/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 21Mark 10: 17-27Why Is Jesus Good?
10/7/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 20Ephesians 5:21-6:4The God-Given Callings of Husbands and Wives
9/30/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 19Mark 9: 38-50Be For Jesus
9/23/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 18Mark 9: 30-37The Servant's Heart
9/16/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 171 Peter 4: 12-19The Right Reaction to the Right Suffering
9/9/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 16Mark 7:31-37Jesus’ Personal Touch
9/2/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 15Mark 7:1-8,14,15,21-23The Real Source of Uncleanness
8/26/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 14John 6: 60-69Jesus, the Worst and the Best Preacher
8/19/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 13Ephesians 5: 15-20Taking Care to Live Wisely
8/12/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 121 Kings 19: 3-8When Faithful Christianity Gets You Down
8/5/2018Rev. Daniel RuizPentecost 11Mark 3: 20-35Christ is Our Divine RelativeListen!
7/29/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 10John 6: 1-15Jesus Provides
7/22/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertFestival of St. Mary MagdaleneMark 16: 9Mary Magdalene - First Witness to the Resurrection
7/15/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 8Mark 6:7-13Prayer-List for Ministers
7/8/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 7Mark 6:1-6The Message
7/1/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 6Mark 5: 21-24a, 35-43“Don’t Be Afraid; Only Believe”
6/24/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 5Mark 4: 35-41"Be Still!"
6/17/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 4Mark 4: 26-34The Seed of God's Kingdom
6/10/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 3Mark 3: 20-35Analyzing Jesus' Power
6/3/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 2Deuteronomy 5: 12-15Observe the Sabbath Day
5/27/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 1/ Holy TrinityIsaiah 6: 1-8Holy is the LORD of Hosts
5/20/2018Rev. Em. Jeff SmithListen!
5/13/2018Rev. Dan LaitinenAscension SundayEphesians 4: 7-16Ascension Day GiftsListen!
5/6/2018Rev. Em. John SullivanEaster 61 John 4: 1-11Two Important Things We Christians Should Do
4/29/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 5John 15: 1-8The Father's Vine Dressing
4/22/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 4Acts 20:28-32Shepherding the Shepherd's Flock
4/15/2018Rev. Nathan Biebert Easter 3Luke 24: 36-49Peace Be With You
4/8/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 2Acts 26: 19-29A True and Sensible Message
4/1/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertResurrection of Our Lord (Easter)Mark 16: 1-8Responding to the Resurrection News
4/1/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster Dawn1 Corinthians 15: 51-57Christ's Victory -- The Guarantee of Ours
3/30/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertGood FridayLuke 23: 26-34,

Luke 23: 38-43,

John 19: 25-27,

Matthew 27: 45-49,

John 19: 28-29,

John 19: 30, and

Luke 23: 44-46
Passion Words to Ponder: The Seven Words from the Cross
3/29/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertMaundy ThursdayMark 14: 22-25Passion Words to Ponder: The Words of the Institution of the Lord's Supper
3/25/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 6/ Palm SundayPhilippians 2: 5-11May the Mind of Christ Our Savior...
Rev. Nathan Biebert
Midweek Lent 6

John 19: 21-22

Passion Words to Ponder: What I Have Written, I Have Written
Rev. Nathan Biebert
Lent 5
Jeremiah 31: 31-34
The New Covenant of These Days
Rev. Nathan Biebert
Midweek Lent 5
Luke 23: 26-31
Passion Words to Ponder: Do Not Weep for Me
Rev. Nathan Biebert
Lent 4
John 3:16
God So Loved the World
Rev. Nathan Biebert
Midweek Lent 4
Mark 14: 61-62
Passion Words to Ponder: I Am, and You All Will See the Son of Man
Rev. Nathan Biebert
Lent 3
John 2: 13-22
God’s House Is Not a Market

Rev. Nathan Biebert
Midweek Lent 3
John 18: 19-24
Passion Words to Ponder: Ask Those Who Heard Me
Rev. Nathan Biebert
Lent 2
Mark 8: 31-38
Thinking the Things of God
Rev. Nathan Biebert
Midweek Lent 2
John 18: 4-11
Passion Words to Ponder: Put Your Sword Away
Rev. Nathan Biebert
Lent 1
Genesis 22: 1-18
Faith Demonstrated, Faith Validated
Rev. Nathan Biebert
Ash Wednesday
Acts 5: 1-11
The Holy Spirit and the Truth
Rev. Nathan Biebert
Transfiguration of Our Lord
Mark 9: 2-9
A Foretaste of Heaven
Rev. Nathan Biebert
Epiphany 4
Mark 1: 21-28
Jesus' Word Wields Spiritual Authority
1/28/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 3Mark 1: 14-20The Work of the Gospel
1/21/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 2John 1: 43-51Come and See
1/14/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany 1Mark 1: 4-11Baptism's Blessings
1/7/2018Rev. Nathan BiebertEpiphany of Our LordMatthew 2: 1-12The Truth is for All
12/31/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertChristmas 1Luke 2: 25-40Rest in Peace
12/25/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertChristmas Day - Nativity of Our LordIsaiah 9:6To us?
12/24/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 4Luke 1: 26-38The Lord's Servant Responds to the Lord's Word
12/24/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertChristmas EveLuke 2: 1-14Jesus' Shameful Birth - For Our Honor
12/20/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 32 Sam 7: 11b-16Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled - Born from the Line of David
12/17/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 3John 1: 6-8, 19-28Who Are You?
12/13/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 2Isaiah 7: 14Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled - Born of a Virgin
12/10/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 2Mark 1: 1-8The Messiah's Forerunner
12/6/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 1Micah 5: 2Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled - Born in Bethlehem
12/3/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertAdvent 1Mark 13: 32-37Keep Watch
11/26/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLuther Series 17 / End Time 42 Timothy 4: 6-8Growing Old and Facing Death
11/22/2017Rev.Nathan BiebertThanksgiving EveLuke 17: 11-19Remember to Return Thanks
11/19/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertEnd Time 3Rev 19: 1-9The Church Triumphant
11/12/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLuther Series 16 / End Time2 Thess 2: 1-12The Man of Lawlessness
11/5/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertEnd Time 21 Thess 5: 1-11Judgment Day Encouragement
10/29/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLuther Series 15Mat 13: 44-45Treasures of the Reformation
10/22/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLuther Series 142 Corinthians 12: 7-10The Theology of the Cross
10/15/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 19Mat 21:28-32Three Kinds of Sons
10/8/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLuther Series 13Psalm 119: 46-47The Delightful Testimonies of God
10/1/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 17Mat 18:21-35Fuel for Forgiveness
9/24/2017Rev. Dan LaitinenPentecost 16Mat 14: 22-33Jesus Keeps Your Head Above Water
9/17/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLuther Series 12Mat 7: 15-23The Devil's Chapel
9/10/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLuther Series 11Proverbs 18: 22The Blessing of Marriage and Family
9/3/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 13Mat 15:21-28Great Faith - Great Compassion
8/27/2017Rev. Nathan Biebert Luther Series 10Rom 13: 1-7God's Other Kingdom
8/20/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 11Mat 14:13-21The Lord Provides
8/13/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLuther Series 91 Cor 8:9Musts, Middle Things, and Love
8/6/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 9Mat 13: 24-30, 36-43The Wheat, the Weeds, and the Harvest
7/30/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLuther Series 81 Corinthians 14: 6-12
How We Have God's Word
7/23/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLuther Series 7Luke 12: 8-12
Christians in the Witness Stand
7/16/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 6Exodus 32: 15-29The Thickest Blood
7/9/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLuther Series 6Acts 4: 18-20Faith Under Pressure
7/2/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 4Mat 9:35-10:8The Harvest
6/25/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLuther Series 5Romans 1:17Righteous Through Faith in Jesus
6/18/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecost 2Mat 7: 24-29Building on the Bedrock
6/11/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLuther Series 4Acts 8: 18-23Mercy, Not Merchandise
6/4/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertPentecostJohn 16: 5-11Thanks for Leaving, Jesus
5/28/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLuther Series 3Matthew 15: 1-9The Limits of the Law
5/21/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 6Gen 4: 1-16The Origin and Outcome of Sin and Righteousness
5/14/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLuther Series 2Proverbs 19: 20-21, 23The Lord's Purpose Prevails
5/7/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 4Psalm 23The LORD is Your Shepherd
4/30/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLuther Series 1Acts 17: 26-27The Right Place at the Right Time
4/23/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertEaster 2John 20: 19-31Jesus Dispels Our Disbelief
4/16/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertResurrection of Our Lord (Easter)Mat 28: 1-10Behold! I Have Told You!
4/14/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertGood FridayRom 4:25Happy Justification Day
4/13/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertMaundy Thursday1 Cor 11:28The Art of Self-Examination
4/9/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertPalm SundayMat 21: 1-11Jesus' Cloak
4/5/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 6Mat 27: 27-44Ironies of the Crucifixion
4/2/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 5John 11: 17-27, 38-45Jesus Confronts the Ugliness of Death
3/29/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 5Mat 27: 1-10When the Public Ministry Goes Awry
3/26/2017Rev.Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 4Mat 20: 17-28Godly Ambition
3/22/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 4Mat 26: 69-75Dealing with Guilt
3/19/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 3John 9: 1-7, 13-17, 34-39The Effects of "Light" Exposure
3/15/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 3Mat 26: 36-56Jesus Prepares with Prayer
3/12/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 2John 4: 5-26How True Worshippers Worship
3/8/2017Rev. Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 2Mat 26: 1-2, 30-35Jesus Sets Out on the Passion Path
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