Sermon Series: Life of Martin Luther

Reformation 500: Grace, Faith, Scripture.Church membership. Theology. Philosophy. Education. Politics. Linguistics. Military service. Social classes. Family life.

There is a man whose words and actions had a powerful impact in all of these areas. In 2017 those who still use his name to identify themselves will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the doctrinal reformation he initiated on October 31, 1517, with his 95 Theses. Above all, they will celebrate this man’s rediscovery of the truth only revealed in Holy Scripture — that we are saved only by God’s grace, which is only received through faith in the all-sufficient work of his Son Jesus Christ.

This man was Martin Luther.

Please join us in 2017 as we celebrate this anniversary and grow closer to our Savior through a sermon series on Luther’s life.

DateScripture TextFocusSermon Theme
Apr 30Acts 17: 26-27Early ChildhoodThe Right Place at the Right Time
May 14Proverbs 19: 20-21, 23Later EducationThe Lord's Purpose Prevails
May 28Matthew 15: 1-9The Monk and PriestThe Limits of the Law
June 11Acts 8: 18-23The Reformation InitiatedMercy, Not Merchandise
June 25Romans 1:17The Gospel RediscoveryRighteous Through Faith in Jesus
July 9Acts 4: 18-20Trial and ExcommunicationFaith Under Pressure
July 23Luke 12: 8-12The Diet at WormsChristians in the Witness Stand
July 301 Corinthians 14: 6-12At the WartburgHow We Have God's Word
Aug 131 Corinthians 8: 9Return to WittenburgMusts, Middle Things, and Love
Aug 27Romans 13: 1-7Peasants' RevoltGod's Other Kingdom
Sept 10Proverbs 18: 22Luther's Marriage and Family LifeThe Blessing of Marriage and Family
Sept 17Mat 7: 15-23Sacramentarian ControversyThe Devil's Chapel
Oct 8Psalm 119: 46-47Augsburg ConfessionThe Delightful Testimonies of God
Oct 222 Corinthians 12: 7-10Busyness and HealthThe Theology of the Cross
Oct 29Mat 13: 44-45Enduring Unique Hallmarks of the Lutheran ReformationTreasures of the Reformation
Nov 122 Thessalonians 2 : 1-12Smalcald ArticlesThe Man of Lawlessness
Nov 262 Timothy 4: 6-8Old Age and Final DaysGrowing Old and Facing Death

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