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1/28/2018Pastor Nathan BiebertEpiphany 3Mark 1: 14-20The Work of the GospelListen!
1/21/2018Pastor Nathan BiebertEpiphany 2John 1: 43-51Come and SeeListen!
1/14/2018Pastor Nathan BiebertEpiphany 1Mark 1: 4-11Baptism's BlessingsListen!
1/7/2018Pastor Nathan BiebertEpiphany of Our LordMatthew 2: 1-12The Truth is for All
12/31/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertChristmas 1Luke 2: 25-40Rest in Peace
12/25/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertChristmas Day - Nativity of Our LordIsaiah 9:6To us?Listen!
12/24/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertChristmas EveLuke 2: 1-14Jesus' Shameful Birth - For Our HonorListen!
12/24/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertAdvent 4Luke 1: 26-38The Lord's Servant Responds to the Lord's WordListen!
12/20/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 32 Sam 7: 11b-16Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled - Born from the Line of DavidListen!
12/17/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertAdvent 3John 1: 6-8, 19-28Who Are You?Listen!
12/13/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 2Isaiah 7: 14Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled - Born of a VirginListen!
12/10/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertAdvent 2Mark 1: 1-8The Messiah's ForerunnerListen!
12/6/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertMidweek Advent 1Micah 5: 2Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled - Born in BethlehemListen!
12/3/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertAdvent 1Mark 13: 32-37Keep WatchListen!
11/26/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLuther Series 17 / End Time 42 Timothy 4: 6-8Growing Old and Facing DeathListen!
11/22/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertThanksgiving EveLuke 17: 11-19Remember to Return ThanksListen!
11/19/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertEnd Time 3Rev 19: 1-9The Church TriumphantListen!
11/12/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLuther Series 16 / End Time2 Thess 2: 1-12The Man of Lawlessness
11/5/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertEnd Time 21 Thess 5: 1-11Judgment Day EncouragementListen!
10/29/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLuther Series 15Mat 13: 44-45Treasures of the ReformationListen!
10/22/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLuther Series 142 Corinthians 12: 7-10The Theology of the CrossListen!
10/15/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertPentecost 19Mat 21:28-32Three Kinds of SonsListen!
10/8/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLuther Series 13Psalm 119: 46-47The Delightful Testimonies of GodListen!
10/1/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertPentecost 17Mat 18:21-35Fuel for ForgivenessListen!
9/24/2017Pastor Dan LaitinenPentecost 16Mat 14: 22-33Jesus Keeps Your Head Above WaterListen!
9/17/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLuther Series 12Mat 7: 15-23The Devil's ChapelListen!
9/10/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLuther Series 11Proverbs 18: 22The Blessing of Marriage and FamilyListen!
9/3/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertPentecost 13Mat 15:21-28Great Faith - Great CompassionListen!
8/27/2017Pastor Nathan Biebert Luther Series 10Rom 13: 1-7God's Other KingdomListen!
8/20/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertPentecost 11Mat 14:13-21The Lord ProvidesListen!
8/13/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLuther Series 91 Cor 8:9Musts, Middle Things, and Love
8/6/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertPentecost 9Mat 13: 24-30, 36-43The Wheat, the Weeds, and the HarvestListen!
7/30/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLuther Series 81 Corinthians 14: 6-12
How We Have God's Word
7/23/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLuther Series 7Luke 12: 8-12
Christians in the Witness Stand
7/16/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertPentecost 6Exodus 32: 15-29The Thickest BloodListen!
7/9/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLuther Series 6Acts 4: 18-20Faith Under PressureListen!
7/2/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertPentecost 4Mat 9:35-10:8The HarvestListen!
6/25/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLuther Series 5Romans 1:17Righteous Through Faith in JesusListen!
6/18/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertPentecost 2Mat 7: 24-29Building on the BedrockListen!
6/11/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLuther Series 4Acts 8: 18-23Mercy, Not MerchandiseListen!
6/4/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertPentecostJohn 16: 5-11Thanks for Leaving, JesusListen!
5/28/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLuther Series 3Matthew 15: 1-9The Limits of the LawListen!
5/21/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertEaster 6Gen 4: 1-16The Origin and Outcome of Sin and RighteousnessListen!
5/14/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLuther Series 2Proverbs 19: 20-21, 23The Lord's Purpose PrevailsListen!
5/7/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertEaster 4Psalm 23The LORD is Your ShepherdListen!
4/30/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLuther Series 1Acts 17: 26-27The Right Place at the Right TimeListen!
4/23/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertEaster 2John 20: 19-31Jesus Dispels Our DisbeliefListen!
4/16/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertResurrection of Our Lord (Easter)Mat 28: 1-10Behold! I Have Told You!Listen!
4/14/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertGood FridayRom 4:25Happy Justification Day
4/13/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertMaundy Thursday1 Cor 11:28The Art of Self-Examination
4/9/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertPalm SundayMat 21: 1-11Jesus' CloakListen!
4/5/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 6Mat 27: 27-44Ironies of the CrucifixionListen!
4/2/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 5John 11: 17-27, 38-45Jesus Confronts the Ugliness of DeathListen!
3/29/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 5Mat 27: 1-10When the Public Ministry Goes AwryListen!
3/26/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 4Mat 20: 17-28Godly AmbitionListen!
3/22/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 4Mat 26: 69-75Dealing with GuiltListen!
3/19/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 3John 9: 1-7, 13-17, 34-39The Effects of "Light" ExposureListen!
3/15/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 3Mat 26: 36-56Jesus Prepares with Prayer
3/12/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 2John 4: 5-26How True Worshippers WorshipListen!
3/8/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertMidweek Lent 2Mat 26: 1-2, 30-35Jesus Sets Out on the Passion PathListen!
3/5/2017Pastor Nathan BiebertLent Sunday 1Mat 4: 1-11Jesus vs. SatanListen!
Our pastor inspires us every week with his sermons, reminding us of the lessons in the Law and the love of the Gospel. Click on the titles of the sermons to read the PDF version of each one. If there is a speaker icon next to the title, you can now listen to the sermon as well!